Jason Jaskolka (masktchi) wrote in gibbons_pride,
Jason Jaskolka

I understand how frustrating computers can be and not everyone, in fact most do not, have time to learn every little detail about them. Furthermore, more often than not, big companies like Dell, Gateway, and HP lure unsuspecting consumers into purchasing their overpriced, overhyped systems. You wouldn't believe the kind of profit margin each purchase yields! Rather than settle for outrageous prices for a PCs that are often bundled with software or devices you'll never use (but still must pay for), there IS an alternative, my friends.
Now one might argue that service and repairs are worth the extra money, but did you know manufacturer's have lifetime warranties on ALL parts they release. This means you are not out of luck even if you do not buy from huge corporations. What about repairs, you ask? Time is always the most crucial factor and who has the time to package and ship a downed computer in their busy life?
With you in mind, Jason Jaskolka hopes to solve your computer problem, big or small. Solutions are offerred not only in building custom PCs to meet YOUR needs and satisfaction, with none of the bulk to drive up the price, but also repairing your system whether or not it was purchased from me. In most cases, all of your old data CAN be recovered and saved, too. Let no competitor convince or scam you into more expensive repair services who are less qualified. Let your fellow Broward County neighbor take care of the hassles of computing and technology. It can't be stressed enough how much the customer is put first. Therefore, my prices are always very competitive and negotiable, often seeking to beat the rest. On-site repairs are generally $60 or less no matter how long it takes. Off-site repairs are preferred instead, with more tools available at my location, for the same low cost. Systems start at $400 and delivery/setup is no problem at all. None of my estimate are "after rebate", either! Like me, you probably learn a lot better from experience with a mentor or teacher there for additional interaction. For this very reason, tutoring sessions are also available for prices as low as my costs for troubleshooting. Did you know you could control your computer from any internet connection, websites could be hosted on your home computer, or that you can settle for far more than the average gray case? Contact me for further information. I even make websites at a price that'll beat any other. Attached is my business card and for copying purposes my contact information will be written out as well. If you're still hesitant, ask me for my references and I'll have no problem releasing them. This is not a solicitation, but an offer to help local residents where I see no others doing it already.

Jason Jaskolka

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