Branille (branille) wrote in gibbons_pride,

It's that time of year...

Senior Recollection time.

I'm an alumna from Gibbons and every year up to now I've taken the time to write to those few special people I got to know well at Gibbons. It's quite somber for me - this is the last year I'll be writing recollection letters. This is the class that were freshmen when I was a senior. I'm writing my freshman buddy and a few other people.

The hardest thing about writing recollection letters is finding the right thing to say. I want to strike a chord, a memory within my friends, and give them invaluable advice for the future. That's a large goal for a small greeting card and an average writer. Anyway, the point of this post is, what can I write to them? What would you write? What did people write to you?
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